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Buy Bitcoin

If you want to buy bitcoin, we will help you


Contract in the presence of a lawyer

Concluding a contract between the buyer and the seller, taking into account the performance guarantee, if either party is subject to payment of a fine to the other party before completing the termination, and the contract guarantee will be settled in the last payment part.


Exchange offices

Several items will be introduced in Istanbul. The buyer selects one item and the amount will be blocked in the buyer’s name.

Transfer bitcoins and unblock amounts

After confirmation, the bitcoin exchange will be transferred to the purchased wallet, and after confirming the transaction in the blockchain network (6 confirmations), the buyer will confirm the removal of the blocked amount.

Bank account number

TR36 0004 6003 3288 8000 2015 30
Bank account on Turkish Lira


TR30 0004 6003 3200 1000 2015 32
Bank account on dollar


TR34 0004 6003 3203 6000 2015 31
Bank account on euro

Mehmet Aras

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